High Tensile Bailey Truss Bridge Steel / Timber Deck Stable Fortified

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Great Wall
Certification: ISO9001, BV,SGS,CCIC,CNAS,FORM E,CO,CE
Model Number: CB200;200;Compact-200
Price: According to the order
Delivery Time: According to the order
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 50,000 Tons per year
Deck: Steel Deck/Timber Deck Surface Protection: Alkyd Painted Or Hot Dip Galvanized
Advantage: Fast Delivery;easy To Install Product Name: Beilay Steel Bridge
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portable pedestrian bridge


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Bailey Bridge Introduction


The Bailey bridge is a type of portable, pre-fabricated ,modular truss bridge. It was developed by the British during World War II by Donald Coleman Bailey for military use and saw extensive use by both British and the American military engineering units.During 1980s,it was introduced to China From UK.


Bailey bridge is standard bridge equipment,adopted extensively and the most popular in the world,possessing the features of simple structure,convenient transport,speedy erection and easy disassembling.While having the advantage of heavy loading capacity,great stability and long fatigue life being capable of an alternative span,long capacity and mixture form to erect all kinds and usage of temporary bridges,emergency bridges and fixed bridges.The bridge has the advantages of few components,light weight and low cost.


We have two producing lines to manufacture Compact-100( 321-Type) and Compact-200(200-type)

The surface disposal is painting,galvanized or anti-skid wearing such as a polyurethane bonded bauxite chip system or similar according to the requirement.



  Pedestrian way / Single lane Double lane
Width: 2m/2.5m/3.15m / 4m/4.2m Standard roadway:7.35M
Maximum Free Span: 60.96M 45.72M
Deck Anti-skid Steel/Timber/Concrete/Epoxy Mixture Material
Loading Capacity design according to different requirements,like people walking, 40TONNES,AASHTO HS20,HS25-44,BS5400HA+30HB,Truck-60,Trailler 80,etc.
Corrosion Prevention Original Painted Or Hot Dip Galvanized
Bridge Type

321-Type(100-Type, CB100) &

200-Type(CB200, Compact-200,ZB200,HD200,etc)


Low Cost;Easy Transportation;Interchangable;Quaickly-installed,

repeatly used,etc







Possessing the features of simple structure,
convenient transport, speedy erection
easy disassembling,
heavy loading capacity,
great stability and long fatigue life
being capable of an alternative span, loading capacity


1. High strength and big stiffness , relative to the concrete bridge can be reduced trabecular high and self-respect
2. Due to the steel isotropic, quality of a material is uniform and modulus of elasticity, that make steel bridge in the working condition and calculation compared with the assumption
3. Steel bridge generally USES factory, site splicing, the construction period is short, processing convenient and not affected by seasonal effect.
4. Steel bridge is suitable for industrialized manufacture and very convenient to transport.
5. Steel bridge is easy to repair and replace,long lifetime,material can be recycled.


Beam bridge,arch bridge,rapid frame bridge,cable-stayed bridge,suspension bridge. passenger foot-bridge

Mixture form to erect all kinds of

Temporary Bridges, Emergency Bridges and Fixed Bridges.
Using the bridge equipment, the suspension bridges of varied span can be erected.
The bridge has the advantages of few components, light weight and low cost.
Bailey Bridge requires no special tools or heavy equipment for construction, the bridge elements
are small enough to be carried in , and the bridge is strong enough to carry . It is considered a great example of military engineering.



Compact-200 Bailey Bridge Specification and Typical Configuration


Compact-200 Bailey Bridge
Model Alias: HD200,CB200,ZB200
Single lane: Bridge deck net width: 3.15m. Maximum Free Span length: 60.96m
Extra Width Single lane: Bridge deck net width: 4.2m. Maximum Free Span length: 60.96m
Std. Double lanes: Bridge deck net width: 7.35m. Maximum Free Span length: 45.72m
Panel Dimension:3048MMX2134MM(Holes center distance)


The Compact-200 panel bridge is similar to the Compact-100 panel bridge from their appearance. The difference is its increased panel height to 2.134m. For some bridge with longer spans, It employed the method of alternating joints between Reinforcement Chords and the joints between panels. This method can decrease inelastic deformation caused by the oversized pinholes. Pre-arch method is used to additionally cut down mid-span and vertical deflection to a larger degree. Bolt-connected components use the orienting sleeve- fixing method to increase accuracy of connections. Shear is created in orienting sleeves and tension is developed in bolts, which increase the usage life of the bolts and ensure the safety of panel bridges. Wind resistant brace is made to be composite type and is connected to transom/girders to improve overall stability of panel bridges. The part between braced frame and panels is fixed through bridging so as to prevent the whole bridge from side bending. After the erection, there will be a pre-arched degree over the span of the bridge. Besides it can be assembled into single-lane bridges. The compact 200 panel bridge can also be assembled into double lane bridge, hence it broadens its application range. It is suitable for the load designs of HS-15, HS-20, HS-25 ,HL-93 and pedrail-50 etc.

High Tensile Bailey Truss Bridge Steel / Timber Deck Stable Fortified




High Tensile Bailey Truss Bridge Steel / Timber Deck Stable Fortified

Span-Load Table Configuration(For Reference Only)

High Tensile Bailey Truss Bridge Steel / Timber Deck Stable Fortified


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